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Simple Swaps to make your Breakfast Healthier!

Breakfast smoothies

I don’t know about you but breakfast is my favourite meal of the day! Your breakfast should be packed with nutritious foods to kick-start your bum into gear for the day. 

Life can be busy, especially in the mornings. Whether you’re getting up early for work, trying to make it to the gym, or packing lunches for the kids. Mornings are fast pace and breakfast is often something that is easily neglected. By this I mean that people may grab something to go, skip it entirely, or get a coffee, a muffin (or donut! yikes!), and call this breakfast. If you are one of those people, you are not doing your body or mind and favours here. But don’t worry I am here to help!

Make small changes.

Breakfast should be a healthy and nutritious because it’s the fuel that feeds your body for the day.  It can be tricky to come up with have a healthy breakfast every morning if you are unsure where to start. But, there are many small simple swaps we can make in our daily routines to work towards healthier eating, including our breakfast. If you are not looking to make drastic changes in your diet but, rather a more slow and steady progression towards healthy eating, then these simple swaps are for you!

I know that healthy eating can be difficult sometimes. Trying to develop new ideas, plan and prepare meals, it takes a lot of time. However, there are small easy changes you can do that can really make a difference. If you have already started this, then good for you! You might already know all these little tricks and swaps. If not, give these a try and you will be on your way to enjoying healthier eating.

Boost your smoothie.

First, I know many people enjoy smoothies in the morning or after a workout. Often, smoothies are a delicious way to get lots of healthy foods into our bodies. (They are also quick for us busy bodies!) However, if you are only putting fruit and vanilla yogurt in your smoothies, you are not utilizing this powerful meal to get the most out of it. You can pack your smoothie full of nutrients in the morning to fuel you for the day, without changing the taste all that much. Start boosting your smoothie by adding a green vegetable. I know some people cringe at the idea of drinking something green, but in reality you often can’t taste the greens, especially if you start slow, with a lighter green such as spinach. Try adding a small handful to your next smoothie and see how it goes! Also skip the vanilla yogurt, opt for plain greek if you want yogurt, this will reduce sugars and add protein. 

However, if you are not making the right choices with this combo then you can easily be tricked into eating a ton of refined sugar. I mean anywhere from 10-25 grams of sugar, this is around 2-6 teaspoons full of sugar! (6 tsps is the max recommendation for daily intake)


How much sugar is really in that “healthy” choice?

Another breakfast choice that a lot of people enjoy is yogurt and granola. And why not? It’s delicious! 🙂 However, if you are not making the right choices with this combo, you can easily be tricked into eating a ton of refined sugar. I mean anywhere from 10-25 grams of sugar, this is around 2-6 teaspoons full of sugar! (6 tsps is the max recommendation for daily intake) Hard to believe eh? This is not the way you want to start your day. But, unfortunately, a lot of yogurt products and store bought granolas, are packed with added refined sugars. My simple swap for this is to go with a plain greek yogurt, plain coconut, or almond yogurt. This allows you to be in control of how much sugar and what type of sugar is being added to your breakfast or snack. Also, pay attention to the sugars on the granola nutritional labels and look at the serving size! Try to stick to unrefined sugars when looking at ingredients (coconut sugar, cane sugar, etc.) You could try making your own granola, this allows you to control the type of sugar and how much is being added. You can find all kinds of granola recipes on Pinterest. If you find you need to sweeten this meal up then add some fruit or a tbsp of maple syrup.

The classic breakfast.

I don’t know about you but I love eggs and toast on the weekends. It’s a classic breakfast, and almost a comfort food for me. But again, if you are not making the right choices, this breakfast can get out of control fast! First, try poaching your eggs, this ensures your simply cooking the eggs with water. Personally, I like fried, poached, and hard boiled eggs. If your going to fry them try using coconut oil to coat the pan instead of butter (you are getting more bang for you buck with coconut oil, higher % in the healthy fats). When it comes to toast, ditch the plain white bread! White bread has little nutritional value and can increase blood sugar levels. Go for a whole grains bread or an ezekiel bread, there are plenty to choose from, and most grocery stores now will carry at least one type. You can find more information on different healthy breads here. On top of your toast instead of butter, cheese, or bacon, try avocado. Avocados are full of nutrients including, healthy fats (don’t be scared!), fibre, and rich in vitamins and minerals. They also pair really well with eggs flavour wise. This meal will be packed with good fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates (yes you do need complex carbs for energy, don’t be afraid of these either!).  

Now go make yourself a nutrient packed breakfast! (Or snack? Or any kind of meal!) With these simple swaps you won’t be disappointed and you will be on your way to eating healthier, working towards overall more balanced eating habits. Because, having balance feels right!

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