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Stay Motivated Long Term

I get asked a lot how I stay motivated to workout or eat healthy all the time.

First off, I don’t eat healthy ALL the time, however try to nourish my body everyday as best I can. I’m sure a lot of people who live a healthier lifestyle get asked about how to stay motivated. To me though, motivation is difficult to have everyday. It’s hard to wake up everyday with motivation, to work hard all day, to exercise, and take the time to make a healthy meal at the end of the day.

Something that I’ve learned while discovering my own balance is that I do not wake up every day “motivated” to have a killer workout! Or to eat super healthy all week! At least when I do feel motivated to do so it is often short lived. So instead I look at is as more of making a commitment. Now, I have made a commitment to myself. I will do what is best for my body and mind each and everyday that I can. I feel so lucky to be so healthy and I want to keep it that way for as long as I can, therefore I have committed myself to do so. Once you have made this commitment, being able to stay motivated will become a part of your process.

Something that I’ve learned while discovering my balance is that I do not wake up every day “motivated” to have a killer workout!

Stay Motivated with Commitment

Commitment is long term, it allows you to consistently remember why you chose to make changes in your lifestyle, it allows time for results, without disappointment. It gives you the opportunity to feel good about yourself and your decisions. Once you make the commitment to change your lifestyle you will start to see results. Then you will be able to stay motivated, because you want to continue to see these results and feel this good. The motivation will come and go. You won’t want to exercise every single day, you might not want to eat healthy meals every single day, and that’s ok! But, if you’ve committed yourself to these changes in your lifestyle you will want too continue to make decisions that are good for your health. You will also be able to stay motivated for the long haul, while having unmotivated times.

I use to think of exercise as a chore and really struggled to get my but to the gym.

After Making Commitment

Something that I have noticed now that I have made this commitment to myself is, that things that I used to struggle with, have become habit and really help my mental health and well being. Over the years I have learned to love the gym and crave my workouts, and trust me, it did not start off this way! I use to think of exercise as a chore and really struggled to get my but to the gym. Once I started committing myself to at least 3 workouts a week, this included home workouts or outdoor walks, I gradually began to learn more about my body, the different types of exercise, and most importantly (at the time) I saw results! The gym, then became a huge part of my weekly routine.

I increased gym sessions up to 5-6 a week, doing high intensity resistance training and cardio. And now after about 4 years of this learning curve, I do minimal cardio, lots of weight training, HIIT, and body weight stuff, I mix it up! The point is, I really crave moving my body, getting sweaty, and getting stronger!

I still am looking for progress but my physical appearance is not my motivator anymore. I now go because I want too, because of how it makes me feel. Its my time to myself and it’s actually very therapeutic for me. I work it with my schedule, how my body and mind are feeling. Averaging about 4-5 sessions a week, but not worrying if I’m less or more!

My point is after I made that commitment to myself, that I would go to the gym or get some form of movement at least 3 times a week, the motivation eventually became a part of the process. Now that I have found the type of movement that my body enjoys and needs, I have the motivation to go get sweaty! I have also found this commitment with eating healthy. After committing myself to eating food that was only nutrient dense, I now find that it’s what my body craves. One of my favourite types of workouts is a home workout, if you want to try a home HIIT workout of mine go here.

First Make the Commitment

So, if you’re looking for motivation to go to start a healthier lifestyle, what you need first is COMMITMENT! Commit yourself to trying new foods (there are so many vegetables to try!). Commit yourself to trying different forms of exercise. Find what works best for you and what makes you feel good. Once you have made the commitment to yourself, to live your best life, (and want to be healthy and active until your in your 70’s! That’s how I see it!) then the motivation will come!

Here are a few tips I suggest when you are looking to commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle

  1. Figure out what your long-term goal is, make it significant and realistic. Realize this is a lifestyle change so there is no ending to this goal OR process.
  2. Work out smaller goals or milestones that you want to hit throughout your discovery and journey.
  3. Start with small steps and work your way up. Be realistic and smart about your steps. Make sure they are important for your process. For example I tried to give up coffee when I had a one year old at the time and it honestly wasn’t worth it for me! It just made me exhausted and grumpy. *Side note* now, about 3 years later I have given up coffee on most days. I gave it up daily because it was effecting my sleep. I switch it up between coffee and matcha lattes.
  4. Remember that there will be a lot of trial and error through this process. You will fail, you will have bad days, or bad weeks even, but don’t give up. Re-map, re-plan, or try again.
  5. Discover your own balance. Find what works for you and continue to always work on yourself, don’t compare your journey to somebody else’s.

How do you guys stay motivated? Have you made the commitment yet? You only get one life, and one body. You are in control of your decisions on how to live that life and how to treat that body. Commit yourself to balance and a healthier life!

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