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Healthy Snacks – Simple swaps to make your snacks healthier!

Healthy snacks

Are you a snacker? A grazer? Constantly cruising through the kitchen to find something good to snack on?

Have no fear you are not alone! I loooove snacking! I would honestly snack all day long if I could. But snacking could be killing your healthy habits if you are choosing the wrong snacks? I’ve come up with a few simple swaps to make to give you some healthy snacks. They are simple and satisfying.

Small changes can make a big difference.

Often people will start their healthier eating by choosing the healthy snack, raw veggies with dip. This is a great start to healthy snacking. However, the downfall can be that dip you’re using. If you are using a store bought salad dressing i.e. ranch, ceasar, or a sour cream based dip, it’s time to change it up! A lot of store bought dressings and dips can be full of sneaky sugars and unhealthy fats. Instead, try using hummus. There are a ton of different flavours of hummus. Hummus, actually is a nutrient dense food (meaning its packed with goodness). It’s a great source of protein, can help with digestion, is high in vitamins and minerals, just to name a few. You can also make your own hummus at home! There are plenty of recipes on Pinterest to choose from, this allows you to play around with flavours. Therefore, hummus, great option for a healthy snack. 

Healthy snacks

You can’t just have one.

You sit down with a bag of chips and before you know it half the bag is gone, or the whole thing!

I know a lot of people who say they just can’t stay away from the potato chips. What’s the saying? “You can’t just have one.” This holds true to so many people. You sit down with a bag of chips and before you know it half the bag is gone, or the whole thing! Chips have never really been a serious weakness of mine so when I started eating healthier I just stopped eating them, no problem. But, I know it isn’t that easy for everyone. I still get a craving to snack on something salty once in a while. My tip for potato chips, is to swap for those potato chips is popcorn! I’m not talking about the microwavable kind, but either homemade from the kernels or there are plenty of healthy bagged popcorn you can buy in stores now. This is a healthy snack, with clean ingredients and lots of flavours to choose from. This makes it easy to have those salty snacks on hand for your snacking needs! One of my favourite brands is Boom Chicka Pop, I also like The PUR Company. So when that salty craving kicks in, have some popcorn and it’ll be sure to satisfy you! Also try pouring it into a bowl rather then eat straight from the bag to help with portion control.

My true weakness.

Now here’s where I have issues… sweets! I literally almost never bake because I just eat everything in a matter of two days! So if you’re like me and homemade cookies seem to taunt you if they’re sitting in your cupboard, don’t worry I’ve got your back. I try not to have home baked goods in the house, however, I still get sweet tooth cravings and want to listen to my body. So I satisfy this craving with healthy snacks, treat version. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest that are low in unrefined sugars (maple syrup, coconut sugar, cane sugar, dates, etc.) or have none at all! I also keep dark chocolate around the house and have at least a square each evening after my dinner. Check out my Hazelnut Cranberry Bark as an option for a healthy snack.

Another swap you can make for something sugary is a piece of fruit. If your body is craving something sweet, give it something sweet, within reason though. I love apples and peanut butter, literally feels like I’m having dessert. Try swapping in a sweet smoothie as well. You can make chocolate smoothies with bananas and chocolate protein powder that can taste like dessert. All these healthy snacks will help you with your sweet tooth, and hopefully reduce or prevent you from eating too much refined sugar. This doesn’t mean that you can go and snack on dark chocolate everyday, all day. However, if you need it once a day, to prevent you from binge eating chocolate bars or candy, then go for it. Work with your body and not against it.

Healthy snacks

Ideas for Healthy Snacks

  • Gronola
  • Boiled Egg
  • Plain greek yogurt (top with berries)
  • Coconut Kefir
  • Rice cakes
  • Toast with avocado
  • Fruit
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Popcorn
  • Crackers and hummus
  • Veggies and hummus
  • Nut butter on toast
  • Edamame

You might be missing something. 

The odd time our body can be misleading. Our minds might be craving something sweet but this can often mean that your body is lacking a certain nutrient. Take a look at what your body craves regularly and what you might be missing or lacking in your diet here.

Try going for a healthier snacks to begin with. Grab a piece of fruit, have hard boiled eggs prepared in the fridge for when hunger strikes, keep healthy snacks in the cupboards and fridge, and try your best not to buy those potato chips! They are just going to stare you in the face when you open your cupboards! 😉

Happy snacking!

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