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Booty Workout

booty workout

Booty workouts have been part of my workout regimen for about two years now.

And trust me, they are paying off! I used have a bum that would fit in the palm of your hand. Not even kidding! Now I still have a long way to go with the peach, but I’ve made progress!

This Booty Workout will leave your glutes sore for days! It’s challenging, but do-able! Give it a try!

Booty Workout

Two circuits, three round each.

Circuit 1

  • Jump squats x 15
  • Rope walks with band – 4 steps backward, 4 steps forward x 4
  • Banded Clams x 10 each side
  • Single leg deadlift x 10 each side

Circuit 2

  • Cable extensions x 10 each side
  • Single leg press (make sure your bum is on the seat) x 10 each side
  • Weighted step ups x 15 each side (choose what weight works for you)
  • Curtsy lunge into squat x 8 lunges each side, 16 squats in between


Make sure to stretch when you are finished!

This will have those glutes sore for a couple of days! For more of my workouts go here. Happy sweating my loves!

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