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How to Stay Healthy While You’re Super Busy

Staying healthy while being super busy

Life is busy.

We are all busy. Some people more than others. I totally get it. Living in the Western culture, it can be daunting sometimes because of how fast pace everything is. Everyone is go, go, go, and if you’re not you tend to fall behind in some way. There is never enough time.

I know that I’m like this, I don’t stop moving all day long. From working full-time, to picking up my daughter, going to the gym, making dinner, taking my daughter to gymnastics or dance, doing laundry, working on my blog, the list goes on and on. There is never enough time in one day. Life is busy. The important thing to remember is, life is busy, for most people.  

Staying healthy while being so busy.

So how do people with busy lives stay healthy? It’s not easy, that’s for sure, but it’s possible. It’s a commitment, and you have to want it. Like really want it. You also have to remember it’s a lifestyle. Meaning it’s long term. It’s doesn’t get much easier, and it doesn’t slow down. However, there are some ways I’ll share that make this lifestyle achievable and a little easier with time.

Make the time.

I like to think about it like this, if you were to exercise 1 hour a day, that’s 4% of your day. Only 4%!

One of the most common things I hear, specifically about exercise, is “I don’t have time.” Either I don’t have time to workout, or I don’t have time to make healthy meals. Again, I get it. But, there are busy people who still manage to prioritize exercise and eating healthy as part of their routine. I like to think about it like this, if you were to exercise 1 hour a day, that’s 4% of your day. Only 4%! Seems pretty achievable when you put it like that, don’t you think? Another way to look at it is, everybody gets the same 24 hours a day. Nobody get more or less, its how you spend those 24 hours that counts.


Get movement in.

You have to make the time. Go to bed earlier, so you can get up an hour earlier and get some movement in. Go from work before you go home, you will be less likely to get home, plop on the couch, and not want to leave the house again (trust me I know the feeling!). Whatever is it, it’s about making that time. I don’t get more hours in my day for gym time, I make sure I schedule the time in my day. And, often I don’t make it to the gym, because life happens and I get busy. On those days I will workout at home. I’ve got a 3 year old, and sometime I literally will workout in the bathroom while she’s in the bathtub. This might sound crazy to some people, but sometimes it can turn my workouts from 2 to 4 that week depending on how busy I am and if I’m unable to make it to the gym. I make the time. If you want to get a home workout in, go check out this no equipment workout.

Plan and prepare you meals.

The first part of the time issue is exercise. The second part, is the time to make healthy meals. It’s true, eating healthy does take more time out of your day. And, you often can’t grab something on the go, something healthy and inexpensive. This is where you need to plan and prepare. Plan your meals for the week. Plan your lunches and dinners. Write it all down on Sunday and go do a big old food haul for the week. I meal prep my lunches on Sunday for the entire week. Because, I work full-time and commute 1.5 hours a day, I don’t want to be making my lunches before work or in the evening when I get home. I just grab it and go.

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

For dinner, make sure you have healthy meals that are not going to take a ton of work or time. There’s nothing less you want to do, when you get home from work then to slave in the kitchen to prepare an elaborate meal for yourself or family. Often, I do basic meals throughout the week and if we want something nicer we’ll take more time on the weekends to prepare a nice meal or go out somewhere. This will help prevent you from needing to go to the grocery store in the evening, taking up more time. Planning and preparing for your meals all on Sunday will save you a lot of time throughout the week. It’s often said in the health and fitness world “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” This is true because living a healthy lifestyle and developing a sense of balance for yourself does take preparation.

Plan for self-care.

The last part of being balanced is making sure that you are not over stressing yourself and your body. Making sure that you give yourself the opportunity to have some self care. Self care is extremely important for those seeking balance. Just like on airplanes, when they tell you to put your mask on before your children’s, difficult, but necessary. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you expect to care for others around you, whether you are a parent, spouse, or friend. Find the time to do something for you. Self care looks different for everyone, it could be a once a month event like a massage, or little pieces each day (reading before bed), or once a week you sit down and watch some reality tv (I’m a sucker for this!). Either way, find something that helps you de-stress and takes care of you.


Create new habits.

A large of part of living a healthy lifestyle are the habits that you have and carry out each day. Habits like, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, having a healthy snack. Even going to the gym becomes habitual after a while. Try and start a new healthy habit each week. It takes 21 days for a new routine to become a habit. Pick things that are small and achievable throughout your busy day right now, and try to incorporate them as best you can.

Schedule your time.

Time management is a huge part of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Schedule your time in the day, if you need to do it by the hour. Prioritize your time wisely, so you can get in the things that need to be done in order to maintain healthy living. My weekly schedule and routine looks relatively the same each week, aside from my weekends, my week days are almost always the same. They’re busy, but I make it work, and I feel great.

Overall, when it comes to balance for the busy lifestyle you live, the most important thing is for you to time manage and plan. Plan your meals, plan your workouts, and plan to take care of yourself to reach optimal health. And to work towards a more balanced lifestyle. If you need help planning out meals or your days please feel free to contact me and I can help! Happy balancing babes.    

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