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How to Stay Healthy Over the Long Weekend

Long weekend meal prep

Tis’ the season to get the drinks flowing, chips munching, and our bodies relaxing.

Now that spring has arrived and summer will be in full effect, weekends will start to fill up with cottage trips, camping, weddings, and much more. As well as long weekends will be filled with trips away. Long weekends can be tricky and nerving to those who are starting a new healthy way of living. This is because, often when you have plans for the long weekend, they include lots of food, outdoors, and alcohol. For someone who is trying to live and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle, this can throw a curveball into their progress or new ideas of what they must do and eat in order to be healthy.

In this blog post I will be outlining how to maintain a healthy long weekend, as well as, what a healthy long weekend looks like.

Before the weekend.

One thing I like to do the week before a long weekend is, if you workout, make sure you get them in before the weekend. I say this because, the chances of you wanting to get in a workout over the weekend are going to be very low. At least this is what I have found for me in the past.

I usually go to my cottage over long weekends and I find that once I’m up there, my main concern is relaxing and spending time with my family. Rarely do I workout when I’m there. Not to say, that I never do, however, its rare. So, if I get my week’s worth of exercise before I go then I don’t feel as sluggish or the need to get my workout in while I’m there.

I also tend to do a lot more lower impact types of movement, like going for a walk, or swimming in the lake. However, as long as I get my sweaty sessions in the week before I’m very happy to sit around and relax all weekend! That being said, there is nothing wrong with working out wherever you are over the long weekend. It’s a nice change of scenery, and you can always do a body weight circuit outside to change things up.

Plan some meals, not all, to be healthy.

Before you head off onto your fun filled or relaxing long weekend, plan to have healthy dinners and breakfasts. I don’t include lunch, because I often find that when you are away for the weekend lunch is more of a spontaneous, what’s right in the moment, kind of meal. Such as barbecuing burgers or sausages, or making sandwiches if everybody’s hungry. At least in my family, this is usually how it goes. Or we’ve been snacking all day, so we don’t even end up having a real lunch, but rather just snacks until an early dinner. So at least for you dinners and breakfasts, plan to have healthy, balanced meals.

Snacks are a must.

Seeing as I tend to snack a lot when I’m away for the long weekend, I try to plan so that I’ve got healthy snacks on hand. Fruit and veggie trays, hummus, nut mix, etc. Along with your usual unhealthy bag of chips. This way I have the option of both, and I actually tend to go towards the healthier option anyways because I prefer it, and it fills me up.

Don’t forget to drink water too.

Simplest tip, stay hydrated. Long weekends tend to be spent mostly outdoors in the sun, as well as, with a bevy in hand. So make sure you are drinking lots of water, in between those beverages and while you’re out in the sun. It will make you feel much better come the new week!

The most important part.

The most important thing about long weekends is, enjoy. Try not to get overwhelmed with the idea that you have to eat super healthy all weekend, and you can’t drink your calories. Long weekend’s are suppose to be fun and relaxing. So allow yourself to do just that.

Enjoy your time with your friends or family, get outside, allow your body and mind to relax and rejuvenate. One weekend will not ruin progress or put your mindset back into old ways. Prepare to get back into routine once the weekend is over and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

An important part of a balanced lifestyle.

Part of living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is fueling your mind and body with happy, healthy, and wealthy experiences. By wealthy, I mean, full, loving, being present, and enjoying the people around you. A lot of the times in the past I would stress about the food I was eating, the drinks I was having, or the lack of exercise I did over the weekend. All that does is take away from the enjoyment you have with everything else surrounding you. So, make sure you enjoy yourself, allow your body to rest and relax, and be present with who you are spending time with.

So, whatever you are doing this long weekend coming up, remember maintaining healthy over the weekend, is a lot more than the food you eat and how sweaty you get!

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