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Biceps and Triceps Workout

biceps and triceps

Last week I did a killer biceps and triceps workout and my arms were sore for days!

Biceps and triceps are one of the harder areas for me to build muscle. I have been working on them for years, and definitely the area that I’ve seen the least progress. However, nevertheless, I continue to try and build those muscles! I’ve come to learn that results can take time, you just have to be patient, sometimes really patient. As long as you’re continually working hard, the results will start to slowly make their way.

Here’s last weeks bicep and triceps workout!

You will want to use your maximum weight and try for the reps I’ve put in the workout.

Circuit one

  • Bicep curls (highest weight) 20 reps (10 each arm)
  • Skull crushers with one dumbbell in each hand, 15 reps
  • Cable bicep curls 15 reps
  • Reverse grip single arm extension 10 reps each arm

Circuit two

  • Wide, slow, open bicep curl (lighter weight) 10 reps
  • Weighted, bench tricep dips 15 reps
  • Pulse bicep curls 50 reps
  • Reverse skull crushers on smith machine 15


Complete each circuit 3 times! Don’t forget to warm up and stretch once you’re finished!

Have a good workout!

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