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Stop Trying to be so Perfect

stop trying to be so perfect

Today’s blog post is a different one, and a shorter one. I want to talk about perfectionism and why letting go of the idea of perfectionism is one of the best things I have done for my health, well being, and now the way I think when I walk through life.

We all want perfectionism.

Striving for perfectionism is something that people have been doing for years. Everyone wants that perfect partner, the perfect house, the perfect body, the list could go on forever. This idea of perfectionism can often lead people on the right path, or the wrong path. We (especially young people) are now so over exposed to this idea of perfectionism through social media. People living “perfect” lives and posting about them online can be daunting for those who live a normal life and are constantly scrolling. The idea of perfectionism poses a problem though. It’s subjective. Therefore there is no “one perfect for all”. As long as every one continues to have their own opinions, everyone’s idea of perfectionism is different.

Let go of perfectionism.

For me, I have had to let go of a lot of things that I consider to be “perfect” in my life. How I should be doing things in order to be the “perfect” mother, spouse, and woman. Here are a few things that I consider not being “perfect”.

  • I don’t buy all organic foods. I try my best with the ones that I feel like should be, but I simply can’t afford to buy everything organic.
  • I don’t do my spouses laundry. For some reason when I moved in with my boyfriend 4 years ago, I felt some need that I should be doing his laundry for him. Boy has that changed!
  • I sometimes skip my workouts. There are days that I literally just don’t want to workout. I would rather sit on the couch and watch reality tv.
  • I have days where I’m in a bad mood for a majority of the day, AND I will take it out on my boyfriend for no reason. Some days I simply have a chip on my shoulder, and those closest to me are the ones who get the wrath unfortunately.
  • I have moments where I am unhappy with my body. I will pinch certain areas and say “I need to work on this”. They are usually short lived moments now, however they still do happen.
  • My house is not spotless. I clean when I can, where I can, when I’m in the mood. I am simply so busy sometimes, that house work is often the last thing I want to do. However, I do my best. Oh, and my car is a disaster!

Don’t Stress!

These are all the things I used to stress about, and feel that needed to be done for perfectionism in my eyes. However, I now realize that striving to be perfect in these ways actually only drained me and turned me into a bit of a nut job. Running around trying to clean the house, not committing to plans or outings because I “had too much to do”, and stressing right out about not giving my daughter all perfectly cooked organic meals. It was not sustainable for me and where I’m at in my life, so I finally let go of the idea of perfectionism.

Live in abundance and balance.

Once you let go of this idea of perfectionism, you can live in abundance and balance. You can eat without guilt (not just the non-organic foods, but like french fries and stuff too!). You can enjoy day to day activities, and outings without the stress of trying to have a perfectly clean house. You can live more spontaneously. And you put more time and focus into the relationships around you, building stronger and deeper connections (which is something I struggle with big time).

I’d rather be doing other things.

All in all, there are way more things I’d rather be doing then trying to be “perfect”. Whether it trying to have to “perfect” body, be the “perfect” mother, or live the “perfect” life. This mindset will set you free of disappointment and constant stress, because in the end being perfect is obsolete. Everyone’s idea of perfectionism is different, therefore there is no real one perfect person, life, or way to live.

You are enough.

You are good enough the way you are. That’s something that is hard for a lot of people to feel, because they are striving to be perfect. If we were all “perfect” we would all be the same in a sense. We would lack drive to pursue new goals, new obstacles and grow as humans. You are good just the way you are. 

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