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5 Healthy Habits You Can Start Today!

5 Healthy Tips

Starting a healthier lifestyle can become overwhelming and confusing very fast.

There is so much information out there to learn about, its hard to know what best for you and your body. I’m a strong believer in do what works for you and YOUR body. There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and fitness or living a healthy lifestyle. There are however a few golden tips that everyone can incorporate daily. These are healthy habits that can be beneficial for all bodies no matter what! They are also free (bonus!). These top 5 healthy habits can be done daily (for the most part) and are simple ways to improve health and wellness.

Over the years of learning about how to live a healthier lifestyle, and believe me when I say, I’ve tried a lot of different fads. Different tea detoxes, slimming protein powders, and all the different pills and powders to add to your meals to “get slim”. Now looking back I’m a little mortified that I did spend my money on all these ridiculous products. Because, now I’ve learned and realize that it simply comes down to real, simple ingredients, and food. Not some magical pill or slimming drink to make you feel good and look good.

I have also learned that the way you look and the way you feel are two different things. You won’t ever feel happy with your body until you are happy with yourself and who you are first. However, that’s a whole other story that well save for a later blog post!

These are my 5 healthy habits you can start literally today!



Drink more water.

There are so many benefits to water. A lot of people don’t realize they are simply not drinking enough water for their body weight and activity level. You should be drinking half your body weight in oz. of water. So, for example, if you are 140lbs, you should be drinking 70oz of water. Weight in pounds divided by 2, drink that in oz. Water can do so much for your body – increase energy, relieves fatigue, helps with brain function, helps with weight loss, flushes toxins, improves skin, prevents constipation, helps with physical performance, and prevents headaches, just to name a few!

Move your body.

No, you don’t need to go out and buy a gym membership or sign up for boot camp or yoga classes, these are options, but not necessary. Get outside and move your body for 30 minutes. Go for a walk. Run around with your child(ren), get off the couch and try a beginner at home workout. YouTube some beginner stretching, if you’re not sure where to start. Find something that your body and mind responds to well that involves moving. It’s seriously one of the best things you can do for your body – increases energy level, increases mood, reduces risk of disease and pain, helps skin health, mental health and brain health, and helps with sleep quality.

Get 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep is often something that is overlooked.

“Sleep is for the weak.” Right? Wrong.

Such a simple thing can actually have a huge impact on your health and well being. Getting proper sleep can do wonders for the body – helps improve mood, allows you to think clearer, helps with weight control, and helps strengthen immunity.

Be present.

This is a newer concept in the health world because of how much screen time has increased over he last few years. It’s something I’m working on and can really see a difference when I do make the effort. Be present with those that you love. Social media takes a lot of attention away from those that we love, we start losing connections, and missing out on life, and losing relationship building opportunities because our faces are stuck in our phones. Try setting your phone away for an hour or so when you get home from work (or for the rest of the night!). Benefits can include mood improvement, more energy, more creativity, stronger relationships, and you will notice a “less addicted” feeling. Often times when I leave my phone somewhere or don’t check it for a while, I realize I’m not missing anything.

Have a smoothie.

I know this isn’t free, however for the most part if you are trying to eat better you should probably have enough ingredients at home for a smoothie. Really you only need some fruit, veggies, ice and water for the most part. I will probably never stop raving about smoothies because I think they are just fantastic. Such an easy way to start eating healthier without trying to eat food that tastes bad to you when you start (such as kale, which you will learn to love over the long run! Maybe ;)) But, you can throw a bunch of healthy ingredients into one drink and get such a nutritious and yummy meal! Not to mention they are convenient and versatile for all people and lifestyles!

Start somewhere.

I’m not saying that all these healthy habits need to happen everyday. I get it, sometimes we get busy and 8 hours of sleep is not an option for that night, or you might be staying somewhere and not have access to a blender. However, for the most part, these habits are easy to incorporate into your lifestyle, they are free (mostly) and will help you on your road to living a healthier and happier lifestyle. They are called habits for a reason, eventually they will just be part of your day. No effort required.

So, if you are looking to improve your overall health and wellness, try starting these new habits and I promise you will feel a difference almost immediately!

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