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3 Things That Changed My Workout Routine

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When I first started my fitness regiment, let me tell you, I was not the most inspired or motivated to get my body moving. My idea of fitness was workout 3 times a week for 2 weeks and I’m like, ookkkk where are my abs?

Not exactly in for the right reasons, and definitely not willing to be consistent enough to actually see results. Honestly, I don’t think it was really until I got pregnant and my body was about to go through a HUGE change, did I really start to be more consistent with my workouts. I know, ironic right? I think I kind of thought, ok, if I workout throughout my pregnancy I won’t gain that much weight, and I’ll “bounce right back” (the expression I heard way too much). *Also sidenote: this did not work and I gain 50 pounds during my pregnancy!*

Small backstory — growing up I was always leaner, could eat whatever I wanted and stayed size 0-2 up until I was maybe 22.

Once 22 hit, I got into a relationship (still in the same relationship), and we did a lot of laying around, a lot of partying, and a lot of eating out. Eventually, the weight started to slowly catch up. Still though, nothing I was overly worried about.

Come 23, I’m pregnant. And it was the first time I had to worry about body in a real way, at least that’s what it felt like to me. Now looking back, it does seem silly to me, to be this concerned about my body changing, when I should have just been enjoying what my body is capable of. And all the beauty that pregnancy is in itself, however it was my first real body image shock.

Needless to say, I now keep up with my fitness regimen for more than just body image. I now enjoy working out, I have goals for my body, but they don’t control me or my fitness routine. I truly workout for how it makes me feel. It feels good to move my body, and get a good sweat on. Sooo what changed?

Well for one thing I grew. Something that you can’t deny is that the older you get, the wiser you get. First off, if you are new to working out, start here. If not here are 3 big things that changed my fitness routine for the better. And honestly, I don’t think I could ever go back now!

So what are these 3 things you’re thinking?

1. Wireless Headphones

beat by Dre headphones

Sounds silly, but seriously, they are all they’re cracked out to be. Get a good playlist going. Don’t fumble around with cords, get moving and have the freedom to move however you want! Serious game changer. I use the Beats by Dre 2.0 wireless headphones (classic I know, they’re even rose gold. I can feel the basic white girl comments through your screen). Highly recommend.

2. Heart Rate Monitor

Apple Watch

This seems like a bit of a hefty price tag, on top of wireless headphones, I have to buy a fancy fitness watch? I get it, I’ve been there. I literally debated buying one for 2-3 years, casually “browsing” these heart rate monitor fitness watches at the mall everytime I went. Now I have the apple watch, I think it’s the series 1, and again, could never go back. I’m not saying you have to go out and buy an Apple watch today. But, I definitely recommend looking into a fitness watch that MONITORS YOUR HEART RATE. This feature is super helpful in letting me know how hard I’m working. You can easily google what your “fat burning” heart rate should be during your workouts (I believe it’s 70% of your max rate). The Apple watch also sets challenges for you, counts your burned calories, if you’re into that, and monitors when you meet goals. It’s great for those who are looking for results but need some accountability.

It’s finding the ideal-feel-good-for-you workout. Like chasing a high (the good high).

3. Finding MY ideal workout

Now this might sound a bit hokey, like ok, all I have to do is start “enjoying” my workouts where all I want to do if get the f*cking thing done ASAP. I here you, and a lot of days I feel you. Not everyday do I show up at the gym super pumped with enthusiasm to get my sweat on and feel like a million bucks! Buuuutt, I have found my workout groove. By this I mean, the workouts that make me feel like a million bucks 9 times out of 10. Do I drag my feet to do them? Sometimes. But for the most part, I know the feeling that I’ll be getting out of it, and it’s a feeling I want to continue to try and get. For some people they get this feeling playing sports, some yoga, some spin class. It’s finding the ideal-feel-good-for-you workout. Like chasing a high (the good high). I love circuit training, HIIT, and weight lifting. I like getting my heart high for most of my workouts and getting super sweaty. And that’s what ultimately made me fall in love with working out and changed my fitness routine for good.

So, it’s that simple. At least it was for me. 3 things that changed my fitness routine for good. 3 things that I don’t think I could go without now. If you dig a little deeper, open your horizons to a few extra tweeks to your routine, maybe you can find you groove too!


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