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Celery Juice – Is it worth all the hype?

celery juice

If you haven’t heard, celery juice is kind of a big deal. Well, supposedly.

If you’ve never heard about this celery juice hype, I’ll give you a quick run down.

Over the last year (that I’ve noticed) in the online wellness community, celery juice has become sort of a be all to end all problems. Got bloating? Celery juice. Skin problems? Try celery juice. Want to cleanse? Celery juice it.

Now, I want to be clear, from my personal research, there is very minimal scientific data that supports the benefits of celery juice. The studies are scarce, I think I found one study that supports lowering blood pressure, but thats about it. Needless to say, that any other claims are based off of personal experiences from influencers, health “gurus”, nutritionists, and others who have dabbled into this celery juice trend.

The claims.

When reading more into the benefits of celery juice, there are a wide range of claims. It can lower blood pressure, improve gut health, decrease inflammation, support skin health, flush toxins, reduce stomach bloat, cleanse liver and bloodstream, and promotes anti-aging. Again, to clarify, these claims are based off personal experiences from those making the claims. 

Jump on the bandwagon.

So, what did I do? I decided to jump on this bandwagon, to see what would happen. I started with the anticipation of drinking celery juice for 30 days, I ended up doing 22.

Some FAQ’s I got while drinking celery juice.

  • Are you adding anything other then celery? No. After reading about it, the claims were to drink the celery juice on its own for the best benefits.
  • How much juice a day? I drank at least 16oz (which tends to be about 1 full bunch of celery)
  • When are you drinking it? In the morning on an empty stomach was recommended most. So that’s what I did.
  • What juicer do you have? The brand I have is Breville. I’ve had it for 5 years and love it.
  • How many days in advance do you prep? I would prep 5-6 days and freeze immediately in glass jars. I work at 8am so don’t have time to make fresh and drink fresh. If I could, I would. But aside from that I would not let fresh juice sit in fridge for more than 24 hours, it starts to lose nutrients.
  • Would you eat right away after drinking it? No. I would wait anywhere from 15-30 mins before eating, minimum 15 mins.

After drinking it for the 22 days straight here’s what I found.

Decrease in bloat.

I did find that my bloating did completely disappear. I don’t bloat often, and usually if I do its triggered by something I ate, and happens around 4pm-10pm. However, for the 22 days I drank that celery juice I don’t remember being bloated once! Which in turn, also tells me it was supporting my digestion. So, if you’re struggling with bloating or digestion I would recommend giving it a try, because it definitely helped with mine.


I didn’t noticed energy levels increase until about a week in of drinking it. I actually would wake up as soon as my alarm would go off in the morning (I’m a snooze 2-3 times before actually getting up kinda person). So that was definitely refreshing. I also noticed that my 2-3pm slump wouldn’t hit. You know, when 2-3 o’clock rolls around, you all of a sudden hit a wall and think “I could go for another coffee.” I did not get that while drinking celery juice.

This might be TMI.

Sooo if you’re not a poop talker, you can skip this paragraph. But while drinking celery juice I was pooping twice in the morning before work. Within an hour time span. And not your solid good poops if you can catch my drift. So this tells me something, in the form of, my body was detoxing. Now this was everyday I drank it, and the last week it was reduced to sometimes once a day but still very urgent, run to the bathroom kind of poops. But for the rest of the day I was good! So not to worry, no running to the bathroom at work (thank goodness because public washroom pooping is my nightmare!).


Although I did see and feel some benefits from drinking celery juice on the reg. there are some things that aren’t so convenient for me with this trend. First off, juicing is a bit of a pain, I like it when I’m in the mood, but not under obligation. It’s a commitment people! Drinking it first thing when you wake up, and waiting the 15-30 minutes before ANYTHING (other than water) else. Like coffee… I’m one of those get coffee in my mouth within 10 minutes of being out of bed types of people. I drink a tall glass of water and then my steamy cup of Joe. And that’s what I like. I mean, first world problems, but I didn’t necessarily like that. Unfortunately, for my lifestyle, celery juicing everyday is just not sustainable. I’m a busy working mom and carving out time every morning to juice and drink celery is just not a priority for me.

To summarize.

So, in the end, would I suggest? Yes, to try. See how it effects you. Because bottom line is that we are all different, suffering from different health problems, barriers, whatever you want to call them. But, what works for others may not work for you and you won’t know until you try.

Will I continue. To be honest, my favourite thing about this experiment of mine was the increase in energy levels. So I feel like if I’m lacking energy, or going through a week where I just can’t seem to get my energy back, celery juice might be something that I turn to, to support me in that time. Or when I’m feeling like a bit of a detox (poop out the toxins!) then I will give celery juice another go for a 3-4 week period.

All in all, you do you. If you feel like maybe it’s something that you can try to support you are your health in certain areas, you won’t know how it will effect you until you try. I would definitely recommend doing it for at least 2 weeks because that was when I started to notice the peek of benefits.

If you do try, let me know and comment below on your experience! I would love to hear other experiences with it!

Happy celery juicing friends!

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  • Reply
    February 9, 2019 at 7:42 am

    I felt the same way when I started drinking celery juice! I only drank 3-4 stalks worth of juice but I definitely found that I had more energy in the morning and throughout the day!

    • Reply
      February 10, 2019 at 1:31 pm

      Honestly that was the most surprising part! Not a lot of people talk about the boost in energy, so it was a pleasant surprise for sure.

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