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BBG Review


If you’ve looked into any online fitness programs, I’m sure you’ve heard of Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide (BBG).

If you haven’t, no worries because I’m about to share all about my experience with this program.

The BBG community is one of the largest online fitness communities.

With millions of women engaging, it is hard not to feel inspired and motivated with so many success stories and so much support from other women around the world. If you’re unfamiliar with this online community, search up the hashtag #bbgcommunity on Instagram and have a look.

The BBG workouts used to be in a PDF guide, however Kayla Itsines now has an app called Sweat. Sweat is in collaboration with other well known women in fitness. It carries multiple fitness programs for women looking for different styles of workouts. The only program I have completed is the original BBG program. So, I cannot speak to the others.


I did the BBG program after I had my daughter.

I originally started the program to lose my baby weight, however continued with it beyond the 12 weeks because I really enjoyed the workouts.

The BBG program is 12 weeks of workouts, with 6 workouts per week (this includes stretching and low intensity workouts), with 1 rest day. The guided workouts which are resistance training are only 28 minutes long, you do them 3 times per week. On the other days you complete a LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), or stretching.

Things I loved about this program:

  • The workouts were hard! I love a challenge in the gym, and even though these workouts were only 28 minutes long, they were super challenging.
  • The workouts were only 28 minutes long. This was super convenient as a new mom, got my sweat in quickly and effectively.
  • The workouts could sometimes be done at home. Depending on the day, I would sometimes need to do a workout at home and I was able to always switch the days around within the program to get my workout done.
  • The LISS workouts could be done at home or outside.
  • The workouts could be modified to your fitness level.
  • I lost all my weight I wanted to lose before the 12 weeks were up.
  • The workouts got me good and sweaty!
  • It was easy to follow, I never had any confusion about what I needed to do!

Things I didn’t love about the program:

  • I didn’t build a lot of muscle doing the program, however slimmed down a lot.
  • Sometimes I didn’t feel like doing a LISS workout (walking, biking, some form of cardio) and you are supposed to do a LISS workout 3 times per week.


Overall, after completing the BBG program I was very pleased with the results and the program.

I lost all the weight I wanted to at the time, and the workouts were challenging, good for home, and great on time! However, as my body goals changed over time and I wanted to build more muscle and curves to my figure, the BBG workouts were not giving me these new results I was looking for. So, for new moms looking to lose the baby weight, I highly recommend the BBG program. But if you are looking to build muscle I would look into the PWR program. I haven’t tried this program. It is also from the Sweat app, it is more geared to building muscle and shaping your body. I’m hoping to give this program a try in the future. So, if you’ve tried it, let me know how it was in the comments!


I hope this review has been helpful for you! If you would like more reviews like this let me know in the comments as well.


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