About Me

I’m Courtney Manning.

I’m a fitness and food lover, passionate about sharing healthy lifestyle tips with whoever I can. And when I say food lover, I mean lover of ALL foods. My favourites? Pizza, chocolate, and ice cream.


Most days you can find me prepping food in the kitchen, catching up on my reality tv, with a 4 year hanging off my leg, or out at a restaurant with my charming other half eating whatever our craving is that week.


Things I’m most passionate about are sharing about moving your body and encouraging other to move their bodies to feel good, rather than to look good. Helping others see that eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, rather, it can be easy and realistic for everyone.


People often refer to me as too healthy or always motivated.


I love to best serve people by providing easy, realistic, and simple education related to health and wellness. Part of this realistic approach of mine, is because I’m a momma of one firey and busy 4 year old — so I need easy, real, and simple. Anything else? I don’t have time for it!


Want to know what gets me giddy? Making people feel like they can live a healthier lifestyle, people celebrating their workouts. Helping people feel good about their choices, and sharing easy ways to make healthy easy, not scary. Hearing people praise their own gains, loud and proud. Because honestly, this health and wellness world can be hella’ overwhelming, and widely unrealistic. It can make you doubt yourself over and over. If I can be that silver lining in your journey who let’s you know, “You can do it!” or “Keep going!”, and you do, while everything around you screams self-doubt, then I’ll be satisfied.


Want to Learn to LOVE Health and Wellness?!
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Things I like to live by:

Self care is not selfish– I’m a strong believer in self care. If you don’t take of yourself how can you take care of anybody else?

You’ll never regret a workout– I have never regretted a workout, but, I have many times regretted a workout that I skipped.

Planning is key– Planning meals, workouts, and work ahead of time is the key to consistency and commitment.

Trust the process– I understand that this is a cliché, classic thing to say right? But seriously, it is true! Progress, results, and success, take time. And by time, I mean years.

Never stop educating yourself– The more you learn about fitness, food, mindfulness, and yourself the more likely you will start to understand and enjoy your journey.