About Me

My name is Courtney and I have been on my own balance journey for about 4 years now. I am a mama of a fiery 3-year-old, a lover of fitness and food, and born and raised Canadian girl. I love learning about food, working out, and new ways to incorporate strategies to live a more balanced lifestyle. I live a busy lifestyle, working full time, being a mom and loving spouse, while trying to maintain and discover my own healthy balance.


I intend to educate women on how to look after themselves from the inside out; to help develop the skills to live a balanced, enjoyable, sustainable lifestyle that stems from self love. I hope to inspire and empower you to take control, create balance, and feel good about yourself and your decisions. I plan to provide you with basic principles to live your best life, build confidence to make good choices and be your best self.

My Basic Principles:

Self care is not selfish – I’m a strong believer in self care. If you don’t take of yourself how can you take care of anybody else (this is the mother in me)

You’ll never regret a workout – For the most part I have never regretted a workout, unless I pushed myself to workout while sick, which I now know not to do (balance). However, I have on numerous occasions regretted that workout that I skipped.

Planning is key – Planning meals and preparing them ahead of time is the key to consistency and commitment. Planning your meals and preparing them ahead of time allows your schedule to be more flexible and leaves little room for “quick meals” or fast food.

Trust the process – I understand that this is a cliché however it is very much true. Progress and results take time, and by time, I mean years for the most part. Unless your planning on doing an extreme lifestyle change (diet and workout) don’t expect to see results after going to the gym for a week.

Never stop educating yourself – The more you learn about fitness, food, mindfulness, and yourself the more likely you will start to understand and enjoy this journey to a balanced lifestyle!